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Formed in Moscow, Russia in 2001.

Style: MultiInstrumental World music, Ethno-fusion, Ethnic and Folk Music

(Acoustic Ethno-BreakBeat, Live Ethno-Electronic, Electro-ethnic music, Ethno-Ambient, Multiinstrumental and Drum Show, Folk, Root and traditional music)

Band members:

Bulat Gafarov. Press to increase BULAT Gafarov – composer, unique musician multiinstrumentalist and singer.

Electro-acoustic violin, flutes, didjeridoo, kalimba, percussions/drums, jews harps, gamelan, ocarinas, yochin, igil, gopi chand, harmonicas, morinhuur, sitar, tabla, xylophone, koto, piano, tungur, FX sounds and other. Singing: overtone (throat), oriental, russian, Beatbox & other *

During concerts Bulat often plays several musical instruments simultaneously as one-man band.

John Kukaryamba. Press to increase JOHN Kukaryamba - various percussions, jaws harps, didjeridoo, flutes, vocal, udu, "singing bowls" *

Vladimir Krylov. Press to increase VLADIMIR Krylov - guitars, bass guitar, percussions *


Session musicians  (onetime and ex) only for live performances:

Ilya Lapin & Boris Mashkov - guitars; Aleksey F & Ruben Oganezov - percussion.



Some of our previous events and joint projects:


join projects

Our tours:

Ukraine: festival "Kazantip" 2001;

Kalmykia (Elista, the project "Russian Dakar") concert for the president of Kalmykia Kirsan Ilyumzhinov (2006);

Buryatiya (Ulan Ede) composed music for Theatre "Baikal", Mongolia (Ulan Bator) (2006);

Kazakhstan (Alma-Aty, Astana) for the president of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev (2007);

Ukraine: Yalta - Opening of the Russian films festival (2007);

Uzbekistan (Samarqand) - "Sharq Taronalari festival" (2007);

Ukraine, Kiev - "Pianomania" project with Dmitry Malikov (2008);

Novosibirsk - the Concert on a main square during a full solar eclipse (2008);

Sochi (Russia) -  film festival "Kinotavr" (2009);

Ankara (Turkey) - for Qatar Airlines, among visitors of holiday: President and prime minister of Turkey, the sheikh of Qatar (2009);

Kazan (Tatarstan, Russia) - musical festival "Creation of Peace" (2009) joint concerts with Andrey Makarevich and Volga band;

Norway: Tromse, 2009 - "World Music" Festival (joint concert with Volga band);

Canada 2010 - festivals and concerts in Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa, Nelson, Wells, Pefferlaw. Solo and join with Namgar band;

Canada 2011 - festivals and concerts in Vancouver, Montreal, Nelson, Wells, Prince George - Bulat solo;

USA - 2011, concerts and festivals in Los Angeles and New York;

Norway (Moi Rana, 2011) - "Smelte Digelen" festival with "Arctic Mood" project;

and in Russian cities: S. Peterburg, N Novgorod, Samara, Krasnoyarsk, Ekaterinburg, Great Novgorod & other


FESTIVALS: "Kazantip" (2002, Ukraine), "Ethnolife" (2004-2005), "Ethnoland" (2006), "Veresk" (2004), "Space Parade" (2004, St. Petersburg), "Novaya Era" (New Era, 2003), "Ayurveda" (2001), "Island Brahma" (2007), "The New Year's Ethno-Carnival Peace & the Consent" (2008), "The world festival of tea & Coffee" (on the Red Square in Moscow, 2006), "Space of joy" (2006, Ukraine), "Moscow in Rhythms of Nations of the world" (2006, 2007, 2008), "Without borders" (2006), "Solar plexus" (2007), The youth ethnic art festival "The Brotherhood of students - the brathergood of people" (2007), "The world festival of tea & Coffee" (2007, Kolomenskoe), "3 International Festival of a jazz" (2008), "Beckoning worlds" (2007), Sixth International Festival "Sharq Taronalari" (Uzbekistan, Samarqand 2007), Fifth Moscow Festival of Domestic Cinema "Moscow Premiere" (2007, Moscow), "Kino Yalta" (2007, Ukraine), "Preobrazhenie" (Sokolniki-fest, 2007), "Edinenie" (Unity, 2007), "Silk Way" (2007),  "Voploshenie" ("Incarnation", 2007),  "Bibliobraz" (2007), "Midummer" ("Solnczevorot" 2007), "Festival of Traditional Chinese Lanterns" (2008, 2009), "Kinotavr" (2009, Sochi, Russia), "Creation of Peace" (2009, Kazan, Russia), "World music festival" (2009, Norway), "Arts Wells" (2010, Canada), "Sunfest" (2010, Canada, London), "Vancouver folk festival" (2010, Canada), "Little Fest" (2010, Canada, Nelson), "Ottawa Folk Festival" (2010, Canada), "Summerfolk" (2010, Canada, Ontario), "Eaglewood" (2010, Canada, Ontario), "Falcon Rifge Folk Festival" (2011, New York), "Arts Wells - festival of all things" (Canada, BC, 2011), "Komasket music festival" (Canada, BC, 2011), "Music in the Mountain" (Canada, BC, 2011), "Festival of Time and Epochs" (2011, Moscow), "Pop Montreal festival" (Montreal, 2011), "Smelte Digelen" (Norway, 2011), "Marathon health - 2012" (Moscow, Russia),  International Eco-Festival of Yoga "Free Spirit" (2013, Kaluga), "International Museum Night" (2013, Moscow), I Street Arts Festival "Open Streets" (2013, Moscow) and others


Stage and clubs (in Moscow): MMDM (Moscow International House of Music), CHA (The central house of the artist), Cultural centr "DOM", "MHA", On the Red Square (Vasil'evskiy spusk), "Forum hall", "Plazma hall", "Expocentr",  DK MAI, "Moscow House of Nationalities" (At the government of Moscow), "Stone", "First", "Shadow", "Rotonda", "Roxy", "Shtopor", "Rhythm-Blues cafe", "Tochka", "Kul't", "OGY Project", "Kitayskiy Letchik Djao Da", "16 tons", "BB King", "Zapasnik", "Veresk", "4 rooms", The union of composers", "Gun Cafe", "Infinity", "Ballantine's Bar", "Gorky Beach", "Sexton", "Z club", "Neo",  "1000 miles", Boutique-club "Armida", "Om cafe", "The Chinese Dream", "Coluare", "Jumanji", "Sobranie", "Archeology", "Rich", "Tabula Rasa", "Bilingua", "Rock n Roll Pub", "Duma", "World roof", "Chillout gallery", "SexTon", "ChinaTown Cafe", "Zarya Bar"& other

Theatres (in Moscow):  MHAT by Gorky, MHT by Chekhov, STD (at Evgeniy Grishkovecz "Osada"  & Altgaki "In thicket"), Theatre by Vasilyev, GITIS ("Hotel of two Worlds", "Dream in summer night"), Pag & Arm Theatre (The project Factory), Small World Theatre ("Dream in summer night"), Moscow Experimental Theatre (multimedia show "Universe Creation"), RAMT & other

Exhibitions (in Moscow):  Expocentre ("Peugeot", "Yukos" (Oil & Gaz-2004)), The Moscow House of the painters ("Small Nationalities"), "New Era" (MDH),  "Flowers" (in the museum of the East), Museum of education of Moscow (Ethno musical travel), "International Tourist Fair MITF-2005" (Gostinniy Dvor), Museum of nomadic culture, Forum-Exhibition "Clubs of Moscow", The center of the modern art "Mars", "BibliObraz" , 10th International Exhibition "Construction & Technologies" 2009 (with "Hitachi") & other

Presentations: Opening of the First Buddhist Temple in Moscow, "Eugene Perma", "Parliament", Magazine "Eneit" (Plazma Hall), "Biangel" magazine, Jeweller Interior "Korloff", Birhday of the house of a fashion "Jenua Beaute", VIP party boutiques "Lancel" & "Douglas", "AUDI A6 Allroad", Opening the VIP of hotel "One Only" on Mavricas, BBF + "Norilskiy Nickel", "Volkswagen EOS", Opening of ecological shop "Grunvald", Presentation of the beginning of automobile round-the-world travel, party of TNK BP, New Year for GAZPROM (Imperial Park Hotel), Dom kino (The House of Cinema) film "Ferris wheel" by Vera Glagoleva, "The Ugly Swans" (by Konstantin Lopushanskiy), RDTECH company holiday, British Petroleum company holiday, Company "Hewlett-Packard" conference, presentation of the book of poet Konstantin Kuksina of "Argish of Words", company "Hitachi" presentation, "Toyota X-Country" (In five cities of Russia), "Qatar Airlines" (Devoted to opening of new air communications between Ankara and Qatar), presentation of own disk "Toke-Cha. Live" & other

In clubs of tea culture (in Moscow): "Zhelezniy feniks", "East", "INBI", "Ulun", "Green Panda", "Chavan", "Mate", "Ermitazh",  "Bagua" & other

Casino (in Moscow):  Arbat, Crystal, Metelicza, Angara ("A club"), Assambley



join projects

Our joint Projects:


With artists: Bobby McFerrin, Andrey Makarevich, Mark Pekarsky, "Chaif" band, Dmitry Malikov, "Volga" band, "Namgar", "Hi-fi" band, "Green Point" band, Garik Sukachyov, Bogdan Titomir, Herman Vinogradov, Jura Balashev, Jan Bederman, Sergey Filatov, "Tetris" band, Sergey Starostin, Sergey Klevensky, ensemble "Chukotka", "Zerkalo band", Brynjar Rasmussen, Igor Grigorev, "Couple" band, Pelagea, Tina Kuznetsov, Nino Katamadze, Marta Ruiz Villamil, Edson Cordeiro, Andrey Mongush, Adam Matta, Andreas Schaerer, Vladimir Kryzhanovsky, Dmitry Vasilyev, Katya Chernyavskaya, Joey Blake, Christiane Karam, Brenna MacCrimmon, Bori Magyar, Marina Sabianina, Gaya Arutyunyan, with orchestra of Moscow and others


We have worked with many directors. Here are a few of them: Yevgeni Grishkovets (perfomance "Siege" ("Osada")), Garik Sukachyov (film "House of the sun"), Vera Glagoleva (film "Ferris Wheel"), Nikita Dmitrievsky (ballet "Sansara"), Nikolay Basin (ballet Moskva), Olga Stolpovskaja (film "Fishman"), Natalia Anastaseva (perfomance "Sleep In Summer Night"), Igor Grigurko, Patrick Rollen, Aleksey Shilin, Anzhela Golubeva (perfomance "Hotel of two worlds"), German Pikus, Artem Kochukov (film "On the low frequency"), Tandy Beal (Opera "Bobble") and others

Our band play concerts in US, Canada, europe, Asia, Russia. We played concerts for presidents of Russia, Kazakhstan, Kalmykia, Turkey, ambassadors of France, India, Jordan, Mongolia, Japan, Egypt and others.

We travel a lot, record audio and study folk music of other countries. On the Toke-cha band website we have created an electronic encyclopedia of the musical instruments.

Bulat and band Toke-Cha have more than 10 diplomas and awards from the Government of Moscow, India and various festivals.


We composed music for:



Music for "Sand-animations":

"Jaguar cars"  ;  "Japan sand art" ;  "Two sides"  ;  "Cafe"  ;  "Mask" ;  "Chess"

more videos with sand art here:  www.Sand-Show.com    www.Sand-Animations.com



Theatres and Perfomances

Theatres and performances:

  • "Hotel of two Worlds" by Eric Emanuel Smitt. The director Patric Rollen, Igor Grigurko. (Rati)
  • "Siege" ("Osada") - director Evgeniy Grishkovecz (STD theatre)
  • "Sleep In Summer Night" (ethnic part). The director Natalya Anastasyeva, "Little World Theater"
  • Experimental theatre "Pag&Arm" - "The Fish/Sun"
  • "Badma Seseg" ("Flower of a lotus"). Theatre Baikal (Buryatita, Ulan Ude) - The director Dandar Japovich & German Pikus
  • Ballet "Sansara" by Nikita Dmitrievsky
  • Opera "Bobble" by Bobby McFerrin, Tandy Beal (USA/Russia)

For computer game  "Shelter Online" by "Digital Worlds company"

I've composed music and took part in the recording of music for several known films, performances and shows.


music              video




Info in mass-media:

  • Tv: ORT, Russia Today, Euronews, Stolitsa (Capital), Mir (world), าอา, Culture & many others (some video here)
  • Radio: Radio of Russia, Mayak, Arsenal, Kultura (Culture) and others
  • Magazines: "Jalouse", "Ethnosphere", "Alquimia", "Moscow Times", "Moscow orientir", "Village", Hammer" and others (some articles here)
  • Diplomas and articles (diplomas and articles here)


"Music of phytogenesis" [2002], "Matrix"(Shamans) [2003], "Live 2004", "LIVE" [2005], "On Line" [2006-2007], double album "Eclecticus" [2011]



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